Sun of the Dead

by Ghost Bike



"...Two years since Time's Carcass EP, [GB] has lost none of its' ethereal romanticism, its' intricate bite and dark corners... An analog maze, where radiant melodies lose themselves in chaotic digressions of dreamlike echoes, spectral distortion, beautiful echoes of Bristol and outpours of Eastern strings..." - Indie Rock Mag

"...Middle Eastern sonorities rub shoulders with rock elements such as hard-hitting drums and distorted electric guitars, though not in such a way that a clear split can be drawn between them. Instead, the various parts blend into a polyglot style." - Textura

"... Impressive in scope, with non-trivial and harmonious combinations of shoegazer, post-rock, cinematic dark ambient, post-metal and electronica. ... rich, intense, meditative, enigmatic and dramatic music. Perhaps we are witnessing a new musical style born - "ghost-rock", and Ghost Bike is one of its' founders and pioneers." - Machinist Music

"Exotic, richly textured, and mesmerizing." - Stationary Travels

"...A sound so full and mature, with half a dozen genres blending harmoniously into an intense and fluid whole, kissed by fascinating guitar work never before so rich in detail and nuance... Strong pathos and rare magnetism, enough to convince yourself of this admirable artist's ability to amaze and delight. A small miracle, really not to be missed." - Darkroom Magazine

"A revelation for the post-dubstep scene... with its' black metal guitars, underground jazz vocals, oriental samples and drones, soundscapes that are dark yet dreamy, it is a delightful example of modern expression in sound." -

"A mesmerizing mix of beautiful yet haunting melodies and vocals." - SuperScience & Sorcery

"...So intense and yet simple and linear... The guitar is a revelation, a revolution, a message from another world, another lifetime. You want to hear it again and again, but you've heard too much already - and then, on the second spin it sounds completely different." -


released November 5, 2013

Vlad Shusterman - guitars, synths, samples, programming, vocals on 4, 10, 11
Tamar Singer - vocals on 1
Ayelet Rose Gottlieb - vocals on 2
Ayala Almog - vocals on 3, 7
Julia Feldman - vocals on 8
Michal Shaked - vocals on 10

Written, arranged, produced and mixed by V. Sh.
Mastered @ 37n, 122w.
Front cover art by Andrey Akishev (
Portrait by Ofer Dor

In ever loving memory of Keren Knobler (1979 - 2007)



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Sun For A Lover
With the shimmering sea, sea of troubles around me,
With the sun for a lover and a bare bodkin of song in hand,
I run for cover from ash rains yet to come,
I run on my own - Rather the ills we have -
From the colorless plague that blows smugly across this land.

With the sun’s hand in mine - And we hide together,
Touching, laughing, omniscient - Like lovers’ eyes.
We’ve discovered a country where all travelers remain,
A secret beach of our own that might our quietus make
Should they etch the whole world into a Weber deathscape again.

Sun -
Like buried love,
Surrounds me.
I run -
In awe,
from those around me.
Track Name: Boschian Bubble
There is an old Dutch saying about glass and happiness:
Two of the most fragile things in the world.
And another about being happy with what God gave you before it's taken away by His good fucking people.
And all the times - who kept count? - when we cuddled with my art books by your halogen fire,
Frozen and warm at the same time,
Boschian lovers in liquid crystal,
Have we ever noticed the cracks in the glass?

Now, come mid-May - my birthday/your deathday - I tiptoe to our plot at the beach.
The sea is still messy from winter and the sun stares at me through her cloud-stained fingers.
My cellphone shut down, just like then, but for a vaguely opposite reason.
Everything is so vague now I'm an adult. I don't work since I have a job and don't learn since I have to study.
So this is timelessness? Digitized, private for the world to see?
Is liquid crystal our Boscian bubble?

Our bubble is cracking - Mold eats at your fancy designs.
Our bubble is cracking - My tapes by the dump.
Scattered, like still unburned ashes, they're flapping.
Bearing no fruit, cut down and thrown in the fire...

Our bubble is cracking - Mold eats at your fancy designs.
Our bubble is cracking - My tapes by the dump.
Everything we have amassed we have to give to the poor now...
We thought we were the poor - We really are now.
Track Name: Slaveship Earth
Daddy barfed across two black seas,
Frisked for red-tape memories.
Blueprints in my cuddly atlas.
(All this, naturally, for me.)
Jewish there, Russian here,
A deeply civil engineer.
Guarding wastelands - more, more, more!
Heart attack at 54...

Workers of the world - Row, row!
Add more fuel to your fire - It's ready to blow!..

Now they're coming for me
With their funds of mistrust:
Empty buildings need guarding,
Lest blown to flying memos and dust.

Sweetie had but me to talk to.
Same boat on a ship of fools.
How we laughed at their sick healthcare
And their ignorancing schools...
Studied culture, worked for dummies.
Never ever be like mommy.
Couldn't balance love with hate,
Took the pill at 28...

Now they're coming for me.
Endless funds of distrust.
Hateful buildings in guarding
I'd blow to fucking memos and dust.

Now they're locking on me.
Get thee, bee, to the hive.
I'm a man, not a bee.
They won't get me alive.
Track Name: Safe On The Edge
Let me take you down
Broken shadows
Follow me on a dark road
To a lonely corner
Let me have my way
Like no other
Let me help you
Feel me again

And so I try
Leading you
To the safety
To the edge of
What I take
From you

Pace yourself my love
Don't slow down
Try you closer so we're
Close together
If I am here
Where do you wonder
Help me see you
Smile again

And so I try
Leading you
To the safety
To the edge of
What I take
From you
Track Name: Unsay Unhear
In the sea of high grass you'll be sunk with your head,
In the house - with peace come along…
She'll embrace with her arms, veil around with her plait.
"Hi, my prince," she will say, slim and strong.

She will tell you again, "Here are charms of the rose,
Here the dodder was waving his curls.
What the news have you brought, in what lands have been lost?
Who dislikes us, who likes, who sends curse? "

As before you forget that the days go ahead,
As before you excuse loft and wrong,
And you see as the clouds at distance are spread,
And you hear the villages' song.

For the far lands your heart will bemoan its plea,
To the battle will call and entice,
She will say, "Farewell. And again come to me. "…
And again bells sing songs behind grass.
Track Name: Sublime
I have no time to sell
Let no timeline prevail
Over what's in my breath
There's deadline and there's death

I've no moments to spare
There is war everywhere
Shelters built, blown to shreds
We're among living dead

We're suspended in time
Ridiculed but sublime
Teddybears and windchimes
Matter here, not their dimes

Let's stay home, fuck them all
We have old tapes and fall
We have rains with a view
There's no her, only you

We have tarnishing trees
Let me stay on my knees
We have honey and tea
There's no him, only me

We're inside this stained glass
There's no them, only us
There's no end, see and try
They that live cannot die

Let them fall, let them strife
Let them call cycles life
Let them wage their day wars
We're not them anymore

And when all will be well
We'll have stories to tell
We're suspended in time
Ridiculed but sublime