Slaveship Earth

from by Ghost Bike



Daddy barfed across two black seas,
Frisked for red-tape memories.
Blueprints in my cuddly atlas.
(All this, naturally, for me.)
Jewish there, Russian here,
A deeply civil engineer.
Guarding wastelands - more, more, more!
Heart attack at 54...

Workers of the world - Row, row!
Add more fuel to your fire - It's ready to blow!..

Now they're coming for me
With their funds of mistrust:
Empty buildings need guarding,
Lest blown to flying memos and dust.

Sweetie had but me to talk to.
Same boat on a ship of fools.
How we laughed at their sick healthcare
And their ignorancing schools...
Studied culture, worked for dummies.
Never ever be like mommy.
Couldn't balance love with hate,
Took the pill at 28...

Now they're coming for me.
Endless funds of distrust.
Hateful buildings in guarding
I'd blow to fucking memos and dust.

Now they're locking on me.
Get thee, bee, to the hive.
I'm a man, not a bee.
They won't get me alive.


from Sun of the Dead, released November 5, 2013



all rights reserved


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